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embroidery reference:

a guide to embroidering apparel



Original artwork is first digitized using a special program that converts the image into patterns of stitches. The program then directs specialized high-speed, computer-controlled sewing machines to stitch the pattern using stitch sizes, shapes, and thead colors that will recreate the image, custom applied to the textile of your choice..

the digitizing process:

The quality of the digitized image is dependent on the expertise of the person doing the digitizing. It is a vey specialized art and we only use experienced digitizers who produce the highest quality product. After your logo is digitized it is put on a tape, similar to a floppy disk, and a sewout of the image on material is sent to us for review. If we approve the work, it is sent on to the customer for approval.

embroidery colors:

Embroidery threads are available in many colors. See chart. We match your logo colors to a chart similar to this.


The number of colors in an image does not affect the cost. Embroidery pricing is based on stitch count, number of pieces being embroidered and number of locations on the garment. In general, the larger and more complex an image, the higher the stitch count will be. We always provide an estimate for customer approval of both the digitizing and the actual embroidery, prior to work beginning.


If a large image is to be embroidered on the back of a jacket or another item, we will usually suggest a combination of embroidery and appiques. This allows us to same you a lot of money, while at the same time providing a beautiful image. Appiques are usually cut from felt and embroidered into large areas.


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