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We offer other services in addition to promotional products, from conceptual advertising and media placement to design and fulfillment.

If you don't see what you're looking for in the section to the right, call us. We can probably help. If not, we'll try to find someone who can.

If your compay would like to offer your employees apparel and other products branded with your logo, but you do not want to manage inventories or collect for the merchandise, read on.

Take a tour of a few of our Company Mall Demo Models, and then give us a call. We can have an online mall store stocked and up and running for you in a couple of weeks, and we can customize a mall to any requirements needed.

$999 1st year set up plus 5% sales maintenance fee.
$499 Each year thereafter, plus 5% sales maintenance fee.
Optional Gift Card Program - $250 one time set up fee
No inventory investment requirement, and no other hidden cost.

See Demo Model Here

PremiumWear Corporate Apparel Since 1886
Fits Restaurant & Medical Wear
Leed's Business Accessories

$999 1st year set up plus 5% sales maintenance fee.
$499 Each year thereafter, plus 5% sales maintenance fee.
Optional Gift Card Program - $250 one time set up fee
No inventory investment requirement, and no other hidden cost.

Here's an example model.

Custom site.

Here's an example

$200 Initial Set Up Fee plus $20/month maintenance fee billed annually. Site is customized with your colors and logo and linked to your corporate site or its own domain. Products stocked on your site can be easily chosen from our web site. This model requires purchasing inventory that is stored in your facility, or ours for distribution.

Example Demo Site #1

Following are some of the services we offer that will help make your trade show and exhibit experiences become a successful lead and revenue producer rather than just another huge expense.

  • Pre-show contact: concept programs designed to drive attendee traffic to your show booth using mailers, email, etc.
  • Show contests: desirable products won by attendees who register at your show booth contest - these may or may not be imprinted.
  • Branded apparel: worn by your booth reps, bearing your logo for a professional appearance, immediate recognition and awareness
  • Exhibit materials: including banners, signs, branded table coverings, display backdrops, and other show display materials that are in harmony with each other and your branded apparel, give a good first and lasting impression. Your company is perceived as first rate.
  • Show booth give-away's: useful logo imprinted promotional items that aid brand retention. Products people will keep and appreciate.
  • Post show follow-up: communications targeted to qualified attendees to continue sales process to close. These vehicles include personal phone calls, mailers and email.

For other trade show and exhibit needs, please see our trade show products page

If you need a logo, or if your logo needs updating, we have a design staff who can handle anything from simple logotypes to complicated trademarks. Please see our portfolio of logos at the link below, and give us a call if we can answer any questions.


pocket folders

If your firm needs custom presentation folders, we offer a huge variety of paper stocks, sizes and imprinting methods, including embossing, die cutting and foil stamping.

We will be happy to send samples to you. Please call

Ever see a product and wish it could be customized just for you? Through our WorldSource Solutions, it can be. We can even design a new product completely from scratch.

custom promotional products

Just tell us what you need and we'll provide you with a solution. And if you are concerned about the cost, you shouldn't be. It's surprisingly affordable. Especially when you consider your return on investment for having a promotion unlike any of your competitors.

View our samples and see what we've done for other clients.

We have helped many advertising agencies and direct mail companies with custom designed mailers and promotional boxes. Assignments have ranged from everything like creating a replica of a laptop computer direct mail piece to special boxes built to mail a golf ball.

custom boxes

Please see our factory catalogs

We will be happy to send samples. Please call

The Power Of Recognition

A company that creates an environment that motivates people, and where positive behavior is rewarded, will attract the best talent, maintain strong morale, retain key employees and ultimately stay ahead of the competition.

This same environment, rich in motivation and recognition, will also achieve positive results on the ball field, in the classroom and even around the dinner table. The key to this basic premise is RECOGNITION – Making Someone Proud. If you reward good behavior, it will be repeated. This principle has been demonstrated over and over again, in both laboratory settings and in the real world. What is the reward? RECOGNITION – Making Someone Proud. Studies have shown that if you recognize and appreciate your co-workers, good things will happen. Stress, absenteeism, turnover will decrease, while morale, productivity, competitiveness will increase. Likewise, in the classroom, positively reinforcing behavior through recognition, will lead to increased attentiveness, improved test scores and most importantly, a genuine interest in learning.

Despite popular belief, money isn’t the best way to recognize superior performance. In fact, research shows us that the number one reason people leave jobs is “limited recognition and praise.” Issues such as compensation were all deemed less important than recognition. Clearly, people value respect, appreciation and recognition just as much as — and often more than — monetary rewards. The money will be spent and long forgotten, while an award will live on as a reminder of the achievement for years to come.

An added benefit of recognition is that it affects more than just the recipient. When a coach recognizes a player for improving their play, not only does the player feel proud about the recognition but the coach also celebrates in the joy of accomplishment and feeling of pride. When a manager recognizes a co-worker, the co-worker is proud, but so is the manager to have that person on their team. Recognition as it is given or received is an act of empowerment. Others on the team or in the room are also inspired, and they strive to be recognized and to recognize others.

How do you recognize your team members, your co-workers, your students or family members? Start small. Recognize individual achievement whenever you can. Or, you may choose to implement a more formal recognition program. The program may be tailored to suit any goal, from increasing points scored to improving corporate sales to bringing up the class grade point average. It’s a fairly simple process, and it doesn’t have to involve spending a lot of money — remember, it’s the recognition itself that’s so important.

That’s the foundation for successful motivation. By Making Someone Proud, you can appreciate the work people perform, respect them for it and recognize their accomplishments.

Appreciation and recognition are powerful motivators leading to an increase in performance, productivity, morale, employee retention and overall satisfaction. Appreciation and Recognition are two of the top principles people value in their jobs.

Creating Your Own Recognition Program

A recognition program is the best way for any company to provide employees with these good feelings. How you design and implement the program will determine its success. It must be carefully planned, consistent, and meaningful to both employees and managers. Remember, your program's ultimate goal is to motivate those involved to reach higher levels of achievement, as well as provide for lots of recognition among peers.

Step 1: Goals
First, determine the goals of your program. Ask yourself what it is you wish to accomplish. It may be sales, cost reduction, customer satisfaction, or promoting a new product. Ask for input from those around you. Make your goal simple and specific.

Step 2: Target
As you discuss your objectives, it should become clear exactly whom the program should target (warehouse personnel, salespeople, etc.); you may need overlapping programs for the different groups. Make sure your objectives are realistic and attainable. Colleagues must feel they can reach the targets you put before them, and their results will be evaluated fairly.

Step 3: Recognition & Awards
Now that you have carefully selected your goals for the recognition program, and you understand who will be participating, determine how and what kind of awards you will hand out. Will you give an award to just the top person, or will there be second and third place? You may want to consider "interim awards" to maintain inspiration for programs that run for long periods: every 100 days without an accident on the way to 1 year for example.

When selecting an award, keep in mind the power of personalization. Whether it's a crystal bowl, a marble obelisk, a plaque, certificate or a small medal, it's important to have the person's name inscribed. It makes the award "feel official," the emotion to it last longer; it's permanent recognition. Personalization gives the recipient an opportunity to show it off, whether it's displayed on a desk, mantel or hung on the wall. Furthermore, every time the individual sees the award, with the company logo, their name and the recognition of achievement etched into the award, it will reinforce the relationship and commitment to the organization, themselves and their peers.

Step 4: Communicate
Once the parameters of the recognition program is mapped out, conduct a meeting with all involved to make sure they understand the program completely. Answer questions, and don't be afraid to make modifications in the plan upon hearing from those involved. This will further the feeling that everybody is "in" on the plan. When the program has been formalized, post it in a conspicuous place.

Step 5: Promotion
Once the plan in place, promote it. Send reminders to participants, being sure to rally them to the cause, not threaten them with extinction if the goals are not met. At the end of the program, but before the awards are distributed, send congratulatory notes to all participants, celebrating their success. Make sure the letters are personal, with messages from top management recognizing their effort and contributions to the company.

Step 6: Distribution of Awards
When the awards are finally distributed, do it as lavishly as your possible. Treat your ceremony like a night at the “Oscars.” Whether you host a banquet in a rented hall or bring in donuts and coffee, the fanfare involved will make the awards more meaningful. This positive feeling will extend from the actual award recipients to their peers and even to upper management.

Step 7: Evaluate
Evaluate the program's results. Conduct a survey or hold meetings with all involved, focusing on the program itself, the goals, even the awards and "ceremony." Inquire if there were any snags along the way, and how they can be ironed out. Ask if the program reached the ultimate goals, met all expectations, and if there were any unexpected benefits. Sit down and analyze the feedback. And don't forget, get the next recognition program rolling. You can never have too many happy co-workers.

Call us if we can help in any way.

Many of our clients need design services on a regular basis. If you need graphic design, we will be happy to assist you.

Our design portfolio will be posted soon, but if you need to see something now, please call us.

This is where we began - in advertising.

Our staff has previous experience in working for advertising agencies in Los Angeles, New York and Atlanta, so we are able provide some of the services advertising agencies offer, including creative and media services.

Our advertising portfolio will be posted soon, but if you need to see something now, please call us.

Many of our factories handle fulfillment needs on premise, which saves in time and shipping costs to third party fulfillment centers.

If we know at the time of the order that you will need distribution of the product, we can arrange for that in advance. We also maintain relationships with independent fulfillment centers throughout the US .

Call us if you have any questions about this service.

Many of our clients ask us to imprint their logos on beverage napkins, coasters, pens and pencils, writing pads, coffee mugs, glassware, custom packaged mints, candies and other items for use in their offices and conference rooms.

Advertising agencies, law firm and accounting practices find most of these items are necessities, so why not add their logo to them for added brand recognition?

Our conference room samples will be posted soon, but if you need to see something now, please call us

If your firm needs custom presentation folders, we offer a huge variety of paper stocks, sizes and imprinting methods, including embossing, die cutting and foil stamping.

We will be happy to send samples to you. Please call.

Corporate custom designed and branded binders imprinted with one color logos to full color artwork, complete with custom index tabs are a popular item we offer.

Should you have a need for this kind of work, please call us and we will be happy to help you.

We will be happy to send samples to you. Please call

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We offer just about any type of signs from political, real estate, automotive to full size rotary displays. And we have designed many vehicle wraps over the years for our a national broadcasting corporation client. .

We will be happy to send samples to you. Please call


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